Simplified Guidelines For How To Set Up Company Setup in Qatar

Starting a new business in Qatar can be a huge deed, and having half knowledge can be spadework. But with the growing business sector, many people are opting to start their businesses. Qatar is a growing place with advancing infrastructure, low tax rates, political security, and stability, and is a hub for logistics and business-oriented audiences. For company formation in Qatar, you must be well-versed with the state policies and other required information. Let us discuss simplified guidelines for company setup in Qatar.

Business Structure in Qatar

When it comes to company formation Qatar, different structure options in Qatar have different obligations and liabilities. The standard business structures are sole proprietorship, limited liability company, representative office, joint stock company, branch office, shareholding – public or private, and trade representative office. Documents and agreements are made based on what type of structure you choose for your company.

Understanding Legal Procedures for New Company Registration in Qatar

Like every country has its legal terms for different sectors, the same is with Qatar. Based on the structure of your company, make sure you check the Commercial Company Law of Qatar for various rules and regulations for registering your company. Your business activities should comply with the legal demands of the state.

Along with this, it is also vital to understand the tax system of the state. Qatar has a different tax system which includes corporate income tax, value-added tax, excise tax, and withholding tax.

Having Local Partnerships and Ties

While the state has allowed 100% foreign ownership under the new law, it is subject to specific legislation. Having residency is important for complete ownership of a business. If you are not a resident, you can have local partnerships and sponsors for your business.

Arranging the Needed Documentation

Now that you have reviewed all the legal terms, ensure you prepare all your documents before processing further. You want to complete the procedure and kick-start your business without wasting time. Arrange all the needed documents in time, from memorandum of association, passport, verification proofs, company documents, etc.

Company Registration in Qatar

It’s time to register your company in Qatar. Decide a name suitable for your company that is available for registration. Once the process is done, register your company under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, General Tax Authority, and Ministry of Labor and social affairs. The registration process takes 4 to 12 weeks until your company registers with Qatar. Once done, don’t forget to get a computer card. All business owners must have a computer card in Qatar.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Apply for a commercial residency when you are processing for your company formation Qatar. Opening a corporate bank account for all your business finances and taxes is needed.

Getting Required Licenses

To run a business in Qatar smoothly, you must acquire needed permits and licenses, especially a trade license. You can submit the necessary documents for your trade license to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Also, check with other Ministries based on your business activities.

Now that you know how to start a company in Qatar, you know how tedious it can get. Agents Group, a one-stop consultant service in Qatar, can help you at every stage of your business. From setting up a whole new business to recruitment, legal, or advisory services for business conflicts, you can leave all your worries to the business consultants and focus solely on your business functions.


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