Qatar Company License Services

  • After completing your Commercial Registration (CR), the subsequent essential step is obtaining the Trade License. This license is crucial for gaining approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce for your office space.

  • Initiating the Trade License process involves filling out an application on the Ministry of Economy and Commerce website. Submit the application, along with all required documents, to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce as part of your company setup or formation process. The necessary documents include:

    • ID copies of authorized personnel in your business.
    • CR Copy.
    • Articles of Incorporation.
    • Photo of your office building with the address and location blue plate, along with a picture of your office space displaying your business name.
    • Building completion certificate and a copy of the ID of the building owner.
    • Rental acknowledgment, ownership instrument, and Civil Defense approval of your office once it is set up, considering Civil Defense regulations in the office setup process.
  • Upon submission of the documents and receiving confirmation via SMS, an officer from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce will conduct a physical inspection of your office. The entire process typically takes between 1 to 4 weeks.

  • Following a successful inspection, you will be notified that your Trade License is ready for collection. Pay the necessary fees (approximately QR 600) to collect your Trade License, marking the completion of the second crucial step in setting up or forming a new company.

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