• By helping build a knowledge-based economy and a knowledgeable and capable national workforce, through the provision of leading-edge technology and support to local businesses and government entities. We engage world-class technology, combined with leading IT professionals and customer focused service to ensure that your business can grow through technological innovation, efficiency and effectiveness, while driving a customer-centric focus. I believe that technology, used properly, can drive corporate innovation and growth, and can help government departments maximize their resources and drive efficiency, effectiveness and customer service. But technology without the support of knowledgeable, trained and professional IT staff, does not maximize the opportunities that technology can deliver.

  • We hire, train, support and encourage our team to keep current with industry innovations, technology products, services, systems and business processes, and we empower them to deliver the best possible outcomes for each and every one of our partners. We prefer to call each of our clients partners, because we take ownership of each project we engage in, our aim is to deliver on what we promise and we take pride when a successful outcome is achieved.

    At Agents Group , each and every team member supports our corporate vision and values.
    Integrity: Communicate openly. Be honest.
    Customer satisfaction: Be responsive. Deliver quality.
    Teamwork: Leads to exceptional output.
    Consistency: Consistent in customer first attitude.
    Ownership: Be empowered. Be decisive

  • We will continue to deliver world-class IT technology solutions for the Qatar business and government sectors, that will help drive national growth and sustainability, as well, we will be on the leading edge of innovation, which will help our business grow locally, regionally and internationally, as the IT Expert of Choice!

  • We have identified key areas of action, which we strongly believe have the highest impact on mastering the challenges of new times. It is not about technology, but technology drives most of the opportunities to create new value for customers, businesses, and organizations alike.

    We help our clients unleash innovation through digital product design and build, emerging technology, agile software development and lean organisational change. We support the performance and reliability of our customers' business by consistently delivering to specification and schedule. And we continuously enhance our quality processes.

  • By partnering up with us, you will benefit from:

    • The best ICT solutions and products thru the top brands – so you and your clients get the best value performance.

      Local partnerships and collaborations – as your local sales representative we’re always looking out for the best value solutions.

      Best in class team allocation – our business is built on top notch technical, sales and marketing expertise.

      Partnerships and developing market expectations – we’re all about collaboration and finding the best local partners to deliver the best results.

      Representative motivation – understanding local motivations and incentives helps us deliver the right solutions for you and your clients.

      Development of key communication channels – strong relationships and a keen understanding of the most effective channels saves time, saves money and delivers more profitable results.

      Planning B2B events and pioneering marketing opportunities – activations, roundtables, mastermind groups and innovative on and offline events. Curation and connection that offers new opportunities for vendors to showcase and end users/consultants to experience the latest technology.

By partnering with the world’s leading technology providers we have become one of the well-known IT companies in Qatar.

We are consistently looking to improve our offering to our customers by offering them the best products from leading technology vendors worldwide. If you are looking for a partner with experience, technical expertise, and a close focus on quality, integrity, and client relationships then we are your perfect choice.

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