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  • Workspace Collaboration And Conferencing Technologies

    We understand your post-COVID work scenarios and evolved workspace technology requirements. We make sure our workspace technologies help your in-office and remote staff interact most efficiently for a seamless collaborative experience.

    At Agents Group, we future proof your investments by utilizing AI based Ultra High-Definition cameras, variety of microphone arrays, speakerphones, interactive display devices, full featured USB-C based systems, soft and hardware-based videoconferencing systems and collaborative software solution. All these services are integrated to work together as single seamless system.

  • Video Walls

    Videowalls are a combination of multiple display surfaces intelligently combined together to create larger and unique display surfaces to meet any size and shape of the installation requirements.

    Our team can build video walls based on Direct LED, Professional Grade LCD and DLP/Laser technologies of standard and unique sizes and resolutions that support rigorous 24/7 operations. They can be also equipped with touch or gesture-based technologies. Typical video walls are installed in control rooms, board rooms, lobbies, outdoors, public areas retail store etc..

    Applications are:

    • Command and Control Rooms
    • Corporate and Retail Lobbies
    • Meeting and Conference Spaces
    • Exhibitions and Event Spaces
    • Museums and Experience Centers
  • Digital Signage

    The purpose of Digital Signage System is to Inform and Educate, Entertain, Notify for Emergency Situations and Advertising for creating investment opportunities in retail applications.

    Agents Group delivers on-premises and cloud based bespoke Digital Content Delivery mechanism for any organization such as Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Transportation, Corporate, Military and many more.

    Some applications of Digital Signage are:

    • Commercial Communication
    • Internal Corporate Communication
    • Wayfinding and Interactive Maps
    • Advertising and Events
    • Digital Advertising Systems
    • Digital noticeboards
    • Service Kiosks
    • Totems
    • Interactive Shop Windows Displays
    • Interactive Showcases
  • Audio Systems Processing & Distribution

    Agents Group provides right audio system for right applications by using sophisticated analog and digital audio components such as microphones, pre-amplifiers, digital signal processors, mixing desks, noise suppressors, amplifiers and speakers over analog and digital mediums like DANTE/AES, AVB, P/C-Link, QNet, etc.

    We design systems that are free from quality degradation, noise, echo and undesired interferences that maintain highly intelligible audio quality where all listeners receive high quality sound.

    We also provide wireless audio system that are properly measured and tuned for allowed wireless frequencies in Qatar.

    Everything needed to guarantee optimum sound quality, A true system integration approach!

  • Control Systems & Automation

    We provide undoubtedly the most sophisticated Control and Automation system and un-matched Audio-visual systems programming services in the state of Qatar. Our control systems programming methods makes your daily AV system operations a breeze with just a few swipes on custom designed touchscreen interface.

    Every touch screen surface and a graphic interface adapts to its unique application and user preferences; it’s that simple…

    For example, you entered a pre-booked meeting room. Your display screen is turned ON and ready to present, conferencing system is activated with far-end remote and participants are automatically invited and present on call, your right lighting scene is selected. All these processes are automated and ready to use. After meeting, all equipment are back to stand-by mode with just a single touch of button. Achieve complete touch-free control of meeting spaces in post covid work scenarios.

  • Lighting Control Systems

    Agents Group delivers lighting control systems that reduce power consumption and provides occupancy sensing-based lighting controls that works as an intelligent network of lights connected and monitored from a central interface.

    We design, supply and integrate various types of lighting control system for single rooms, multiple building floors and even multiple building clusters. We work closely with electrical contractors and help achieve more sustainable, eco-friendly and efficient use of lights by means of natural light sensors, room occupancy sensors and lighting-dimming technologies that helps in reducing overall facility energy consumption.

    Lighting control systems are widely used on both indoor and outdoor lightings for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed.

  • Public Address

    The Public Address (PA) system allows emergency announcements or messages to be transmitted across one or more areas. These could be live announcements or pre-recorded messages being played on set schedules, like call to prayer.

    Agents Group designs, supplies and commissions any size of PA system based on the number of PA zones in a corporate office building, museums, airports, retail stores, stadiums, malls, corridors, lounges, lobbies and other common areas. Corporate buildings must be equipped with a public address system for relaying emergency audio messages or announcements for employees and customers, as well as playback of background music.

    Our PA systems are designed to integrate with Fire Alarm systems, emergency evacuation systems, digital signage systems to graphically display emergency messages on display screens, paging and telephone systems for efficient delivery of critical messages to public.

  • Room Booking System

    Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and then have booking information presented on the screen. Our room booking system Integrates seamlessly with your existing email server such as Office365 and Microsoft Exchange and gives you get full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources.

    Agents Group provide complete Meeting Room booking system that includes Touch Screen Surface outside every meeting room, room occupancy sensors to indicate start of meeting, centrally located meeting room scheduling appliance hardware and software as well as larger LCD screens to be located in lobbies to indicate availability status of every room on the floor using floor map layout.

    The room reservation system enables a company to manage events and meetings centrally. Typically installed in corporate environments and educational institutes to efficiently schedule meeting rooms, its resources and reserve classrooms.

  • Projection Mapping Systems

    Projection mapping systems utilize more than one high-brightness projector to create stunningly large projected images with professional graphics.

    We at Agents Group turn your challenging projected surface into highly interactive surface that increases its artistic expression. We also develop advance 3D visualization and simulation systems. Typically, 3D projection systems are used in following industries:

    • Aerospace
    • Design & Architecture
    • Government & Infrastructure
    • Museums & Entertainment
    • Sciences & Biotechnology
    • Transportation
  • Distance Learning

    Distance learning systems are teaching facilities that are physically present in one or more locations and connected together via facility LAN network or via internet. Teachers can either pre-record training session or conduct live session whereas students can either be present with-in facility or connect remotely to the session from another teaching facility.

    Agents Group provide Audio Visual hardware, session recording software applications as well as content archiving and delivery system.

    Typical applications are:

    • Educational institutions, like Schools, Colleges, Universities
    • Medical Institutions
    • Corporate trainings
  • Project Consultancy And Design Services

    We work in full partnership with end customers for a complete bespoke design and consultancy services. We make sure project design document fully reflects your desired functional needs and are based on industry standards and best practices.

Agents Group is specialized Professional Audio-Visual System Integration (AVSI) company based in The State of Qatar, recognized for its unique design-and-build approach and value-added engineering services with over two decades of unparalleled market presence, our customers confidently rely on our techno-commercial acumen and expertise to successfully execute projects of any magnitude and complexity.

Why Agents Group technology?

We always guarantee quality that is backed by Industry Standards and proven best practices. Our dedicated in-house and certified staff with undivided focus on your requirements ensure optimum sound and visual experience.

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