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  • In a majority of cases, it is required to establish a presence in the country in order to participate in a project. There are many ways to set up a business in Qatar and it is our responsibility to help you find the ideal solution for you.

  • The pre-selection and selection of a local partner in the State of Qatar depends on the requirements of the initiator of the business or project which may include without limitation or restriction the object and purpose or in other words the activities, products and services, organizational and operational structure, financing and funding, active or passive engagement and involvement and roles and responsibilities in the proposed business.

  • While it is required by the local laws to involve a local partner, a natural person who is a citizen of Qatar or a legal entity fully owned by a natural person who is a citizen of Qatar who shall hold at least fifty-one percent of the shares of the proposed business (if it will be registered under and regulated by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry).

  • The biggest advantage of engaging or involving a local partner is the support you get in terms of business development and stakeholder management in the country. Depending on the profile of the local partner, he or she may be able to supply you with business intelligence, project information and advice or consult you on policies, strategies and tactics in the private and public sectors in advance.

  • Agents Group is a 100% Qatari owned company.

  • In a Limited Liability Company formation, under Qatari Law, one or more Qataris must own at least 51% of any company*. Our structure allows us to partner with foreign investors as the 51% shareholder. This removes from the foreign investor, the necessity to engage in, what may be, a lengthy search to find a suitable local partner.

  • We provide foreign investors with a complete company formation solution which begins with identifying the correct legal entity for your business.

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